Pumpkin Festival Vendor Rules and Regulations


1. Your ORANGE Pumpkin Festival permit and the notice MUST be on display in your booth at all times during the Festival.

2. There is NO subletting of booth space for fundraising activities. YOUR CLUB or organization MUST operate the booth with its members only. Professional or semi-professional vendors "For Profit" are NOT ALLOWED.

3. Each booth MUST follow the DeKalb County Health Department’s regulations pertaining to Temporary Food Service Establishment pamphlet that is issued at the October Festival Committee meeting.

4. If sidewalk vending, you MUST have permission of the store owner at your booth location. You may vend ONLY from that location. You MAY NOT walk city streets or the parade route to vend your wares.

5. If you have more than one location, you will need a permit for each subsite location.

6. Only NON-FOR-PROFIT organizations from DeKalb County are granted a vending permit from the City of Sycamore and the Pumpkin Festival Committee for the Festival weekend.

7. Each food booth MUST have a cover or canopy over the food preparation and serving areas. This is an Illinois Department of Public Health rule and will be strictly enforced.

8. Each booth MUST be responsible for disposing of their garbage in the proper locations and containers. Refer to the map explaining these locations nearest your booth space. AREAS MUST BE KEPT CLEAN THROUGHOUT FESTIVAL WEEKEND.

9. Every concession stand with a fire source (ovens, grills, open fires, hot plates, etc.) MUST have an approved fire extinguisher. An ABC 5 lb. or larger is suggested.

10. Any electrical equipment of a temporary nature for use in outdoor appliances, MUST be protected with the use of U.L. APPROVED GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTED EQUIPMENT. This will be strictly enforced.

11. No concession stand shall be operated or installed in a manner that would cause fifty percent (50%) of the sidewalk to be blocked. It is the responsibility of that individual/group operating the stand to insure that any lines created by it’s concession stand restrict the movement of the 50% open sidewalk space.

12. Sale of drugs, alcohol, firearms, or drug paraphernalia is prohibited.

13. All items sold or given away from your booth MUST be listed on Festival Permit.

14. Please be respectful of the business owners. Do not block entrance to businesses and avoid blocking store display windows. Please use public restrooms, not the store’s private restrooms. Please use store front parking for loading and unloading and leave spaces for patrons.